Welcome to Summer Has Gone. This is an AU Game of Thrones site unlike anything you've seen before. We've added twelve new islands that are Kingdoms of their own - these will be a source of curiosity and fascination for the inhabitants of Westeros, and a source of conflict, as alliances are made and enemies are made. Also, this is JCINK Premium so certain characters have been aged up, as have events. We have also added in relatives to certain Houses, to make things more interesting.
04.12.16 // SHG has been open for a while now, and we currently have a site event going on that we hope all of you join in on! The site will be undergoing a few changes over the next few weeks, but we still encourage people to post and stay active!

05.20 // I am proud to say, that the site is now open! The staff hope all of you enjoy it here.

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 The Rules, Please Read Before Joining
 Posted: Oct 8 2015, 07:23 PM
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The Rules

Respect all members on the board! We don't like having to deal with conflicts caused by someone disrespecting another person. It's one thing to disagree or have a different opinion on things but there is no need for you to go and bash their beliefs. Also gender, sexuality, disability, race, or even social standing must be respected! Remember not everyone is like you, so please respect that. Any form of homophobia, sexism, racism, or anything of the sort will not be tolerated on SHG out of character. In character we are a bit more flexible as it isn't you who believes that, just refrain from such offensive language like the N word please. Nagging and harping at someone is a sign of disrespect here! No one likes to have someone breathing down their neck for a post or approval. We don't mind when you give a friendly reminder but every three minutes gets annoying in about three minutes. Also, please don't take things seriously here! We are friendly and just carrying on, if something upsets you just politely tell us and we'll be sure to kindly drop the topic.

Post length isn't an issue here! On SHG we don't have a specific word length as we prefer quality over quantity and the minimum of one paragraph. The only problem is that if someone throws a 1000 word post at them, don't give them 100 words back! The general rule of thumb is to try to match it the best you can. We can understand 1000 words is a bit much so at least try to give the other poster a reasonable size.

We are a M Rated site, meaning no members under the age of 18 here. So please expect sex, gore, drugs, death, and triggers here. We don't mind you putting these mature tags in your applications but please re-frame from describing things such as sex and abuse in explicit detail. Also we ask that if your thread contains any triggers such as self-harm, suicide, or some other form of trigger, please put a warning in the title, such as ‘TW’. If it is in your app please in bold letters before the beginning of the triggering paragraph say trigger warning. This gives other members reading your app a chance to prepare to read your app. So please respect others and follow the procedure! This is a mature site but that does not mean that, every and any thread will be mature. Mature threads will need to be designated with an ‘M’ or an ‘TW’ in the title bit.

Play by's here should never be younger then 13 here. It's just a law issue and terms of service thing. We would prefer it if you use celebrity play bys. We do; however, do not allowed anime, video game or facebook/youtube celebrities please! There is no play by age to character age correlation here besides being reasonable with it. No 40 year old being 18.

All characters must be accepted before you can roleplay with them! After your character is accepted your claims are next. Please no making your character perfect! Everyone has faults and everyone has their strengths, but not everyone is great at everything.

Avatars are 250x400 and signatures should not stretch the boards nor should any coding! Please make sure your avatars, signatures, or any other graphics, don't clash with our lovely skin. There is no pornographic pictures on this site at all! If we see it, we will delete it give you one warning, after that, you're banned.

Please register with your characters first and last name or nickname/codename with proper capitalization, First Last! It looks nice and neat that way. Also please try to use a name for your character that isn't already being used! There are hundreds of thousands names out there, so it can't be that hard to find another. That however is a recommendation, you don't need to change your character’s name but we would prefer not to cause confusion.

We don't have a character limit here! All we ask is that you stay active, and at least have one active thread before making your next character. Any W.I.P apps that are in the W.I.P section, or apps that haven't been approved in two weeks without modifications, will be moved to our archives!

No random canon relations please! We don't mind if you take a canon and give them a family in their want ad, but please stay true to the canon. For people who have just joined the site without talking to someone else in the chatbox (I know right, almost impossible) you can't just make your OC related to a Canon, unless you've taken a want ad for a canon, or have talked to staff about it.

The cbox is meant to be a friendly place so please carry on, plot and have fun! Try to stay away from spamming the cbox please! Please leave all personal problems from the cbox, and never disrespect another member on there as well. Whatever issues and such you have, you either take it be sorted it out through pm, or talk to a staffer about it!

Advertising rules are the same as anywhere else! Go to the advertising section, and post your add in the appropriate subsection.

The staff of SHG are here to help you! You don't have to feel like a hassle with questions or even concerns. If something bothers you that you are not comfortable with bringing up in the chatbox, or there is a personal problem, or you're having a conflict that is causing tension between yourself and another member, we are here to talk and mediate. We, the staff of SHG are more than willing to talk to you and work things out for you. We are never too busy for our members! Even if our lives get hectic we are still here and have various ways you can contact us, so please don't be shy or get anxious about it, because it's from the bottom of our hearts that we are offering our assistance in any way possible. Sure we may not be good for real life problems, but we are good to talk to, rant at, cry to us, we seriously don't mind comforting you and giving you the esteem boost you need. Just remember! Even if you don't think we love you, we really do!

And with that, that concludes our rules, so thank you and we hope to see you all around Summer Has Gone!

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