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 Webb, Sora, steppe island - 33 - olivia wilde
Sora Webb
 Posted: Jan 21 2017, 11:42 PM
Sora Webb
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» sora webb


us central

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» name: sora webb
» title: princess of pyrono
» age: thirty-three
» birthday: the shortest winter’s night, 265 AC
» sexuality: heterosexual
» relationship status: widow/single
» kingdom: steppe island, strange isles
» house loyalties: house webb
» occupation: princess/heir apparent
» membergroup: strange islander
» face claim: olivia wilde


» mother: ilana webb
» father: kreggor webb
» siblings: bradden webb, bevyn webb, dorien webb, freya webb
» partner: carrick bancroft
» children: elena webb, 18
» others: bedelia stark (aunt), jetad langden (uncle)
» pets: Aegon (monkey)

» freestyle
I was born in a time of turmoil. Steppe has been at war for hundreds of years, and royal families are overthrown and betrayed nearly every generation by their own relatives. The time of my birth was no exception, as my dying grandfather had three potential heirs, none of whom were considered mature enough to rule when compared with their uncles or cousins. A call for peace was held on Dusk, and the unintended wedding between my parents didn’t help matters. It would have been preferable for my mother to marry a prince from Steppe and forge peace through marriage, but little can stop a young woman in love. My birth nine months later, however, secured my mother’s place as an heir with a secure lineage. From birth I was destined to rule, but ruling does not come easily on Steppe.

My grandfather, to everyone’s shock, did not die for another twelve years. Those last twelve years were uneasy, for the man was going mad. He was always calling my mother by the name of my late grandmother, and calling me by mother’s name. As I grew it became worse, and the kingdom’s archaic laws allowed for poor decisions and the influence of rivals. I think my mother was relieved when he died, but cleaning his mess and claiming her kingdom in the aftermath was hardly easy.

Until then I had lived in my sheltered family, hearing nothing of the rumors surrounding Bradden or the cousins who wished us dead. I knew only love and grew up with the foolish notion that it was always true and pure as the poets proclaimed. At twelve I hung onto that idea, seeing it as the only way to deal with a world crumbling around me. When I should have opened my eyes, I shut them.

My doting mother let me live in this fantasy for a few years. She and my father were occupied fighting a war, leaving much of the family matters to me. I was responsible for my rascal brothers and infant sister, and many nights I was the one who put them to bed or stayed up to tell them stories. I was a born mother, but I had no idea I would become one so quickly.

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