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 A Bumpy Road, Tag: Edmure
Roslin Tully
 Posted: Jun 25 2016, 11:43 AM
Roslin Tully
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unlight came peeking through the window and the beams fell on Roslin’s face pulling her out of a deep sleep. She groaned a little bit and kept her eyes closed. She wasn’t ready to wake up, it seemed like no matter how much she slept she was always tired and she wasn’t willing to give up any minutes of sleep because of a gap in her curtains. A large hand was resting on her hip, but it was alright she knew who belonged to the hand, it was her husband Edmure. If she was being honest she hadn’t thought her husband was actually going to spend all night with her. She thought that he would come to her, or summon her claim his rights and then they’d go their separate ways, but from the first night on Edmure had stayed in her bed and she actually liked it, and on the few nights when Edmure didn’t come to her she found she had a harder time falling asleep.

The sun wasn’t going anywhere, and even when Roslin squeezed her eyes shut tighter it was still there. The only way she was going to be able to fix this problem was by moving herself. She slowly started to turn so she was resting on her hip instead of her back. Normally she would have just flipped over but since Edmure was holding her she went slowly so she didn’t wake him. He looked so peaceful while he was sleeping and she thought that he needed his sleep. Besides, whenever he woke up in her bed he ended up wanting to take her and even if she enjoyed it that meant she was awake and she really wanted to keep sleeping, at least for a little bit. Edmure stayed asleep and even rolled with her so he was holding her against his chest with his arms still around her waist. She felt their skin pressed together and it made her give a little sigh of contentment as she rested her head into the pillow and starting to drift back to sleep.

But then his hands started wandering. Roslin opened her eyes again expecting his hands to find her breats. That’s where they usually ended up and since they had become much more sensitive he had seemed much more interested in them. Roslin knew it was because she was carrying a child. She had it confirmed by the Maester after her conversation with Walda but she had sworn him to secrecy. She wanted to be the one to tell Edmure even if she didn’t know when or how to do it. Or when.

All she could think about was how upset and uncaring her father had been whenever a new Frey was born. He might have been kind and caring for the first few, but Roslin hadn’t been around for that. All she knew was that pregnancies led to anger and sometimes death. She wished that she had a mother she could ask about these things, but her mother had been one of the casualties of pregnancies. Things were so good with Edmure right now and even if she really wanted to be a mother she didn’t know how he felt about being a father and she didn’t want things to go downhill. A soft moan slipped out of her lips as hands continued to wander. They grazed up her body. She held her breath a little as they climbed up past her stomach and breathed a little sigh of relief when they continued up.

But then the stopped and they went right back to her stomach. Roslin had been left naked from the night before and without the benefit of her dresses, or the dark or Edmure being interested in other things her belly had a very noticeable bump to it. He had been a little worried about how big it was so soon, but the maester had told her it was just because she had a big strong boy in there, Roslin didn’t know how it was possible to know that yet but it gave her some comfort as she kept having to loosen the laces of her dress.

Edmure’s hands stayed on her belly and even ran over it feeling the curve and it made Roslin’s breath catch and the longer his hands stayed on her belly the more she started thinking he knew that something was going on , or at least that something was different. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity Roslin cleared her throat a little. “Good...Good Morning Edmure.”

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