Welcome to Summer Has Gone. This is an AU Game of Thrones site unlike anything you've seen before. We've added twelve new islands that are Kingdoms of their own - these will be a source of curiosity and fascination for the inhabitants of Westeros, and a source of conflict, as alliances are made and enemies are made. Also, this is JCINK Premium so certain characters have been aged up, as have events. We have also added in relatives to certain Houses, to make things more interesting.
04.12.16 // SHG has been open for a while now, and we currently have a site event going on that we hope all of you join in on! The site will be undergoing a few changes over the next few weeks, but we still encourage people to post and stay active!

05.20 // I am proud to say, that the site is now open! The staff hope all of you enjoy it here.

skin credit goes to miss texas, custom structure scripts go to black, and the toggle cbox goes to subdevo. The Toggle Code Box goes to Thunderstruck @ CTTW.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Aegnor Essosi 26-December 16 1
Aegon Targaryen Crownlander 6-July 16 -3
Aeranys Targaryen Crownlander 15-May 16 8
Ai Okami Strange Islander 5-December 16 4
Aiden Waide Members 3-December 16 0
Amarei Hightower Reachmen 17-July 16 -4
Arianne Martell Dornishmen 7-June 16 -1
Arthur Dayne Dornishmen 7-June 16 2
BamBam Rivers Rivermen 12-May 17 0
Bram Hakon Strange Islander 18-May 16 2
Brandon Stark Members 28-April 16 0
Cassius Metranga Members 28-December 16 0
Cocheta Strange Islander 23-June 16 -2
Coltsfoot Redleaf Strange Islander 8-October 15 4
Daella Targaryen Crownlander 16-April 16 4
Daenerys Targaryen Crownlander 7-June 16 -6
Edmure Tully Rivermen 5-June 16 0
Elaenya Targaryen Crownlander 14-November 15 -1
Eleana Arryn Valemen 6-May 16 2
Euron Greyjoy Ironborn 2-March 16 5
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